Bailey Thomas and exploring empathy through technology

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Feb 12, 2021 2:18:26 PM

For the last quarter of 2020 we were fortunate to have another intern join us, bringing her passion, skills and expertise to Task for a 3 months. 

Bailey Thomas joined us in October 2020, for her 3 month journey. Again we worked with NEXSTEP from Bangkok. They pivoted to a virtual internship model early last year, which has allowed us to work globally with some superb up and coming talent.

Bailey came to Task with a specific interest in nonprofits that are focused on securing rights and creating mobilisation frameworks for marginalised communities in Asia.

Anything that promotes the broader cooperation of mankind through structured communication, changing rhetoric, and dynamic policy is a goal that the importance of cannot be understated in my book.

- Bailey Thomas

Bailey's passion is to explore and understand those organisations that are taking on the feat to construct a world where everyone can exist with openness and honesty. Where developing empathetic understanding of the perils towards marginalised communities is seen as taking the right steps towards a future with ample opportunities for everyone.

Bailey's impact during her time at Task!

During her 3 months with Task Bailey helped to develop new relationships with US based nonprofits as well as leading the charge on publishing the first Task Social Trends Report, a white paper we intend to put together each year.

Our first report is on Empathy for Social Survival, explores the relationships we have with technology and social media, the good, the bad, and the future. Artboard Copy 2After Bailey has finished her Bachelor's degree at Utah State University, she hopes to join an organisation that will help her realise her aspirations of breaking the barriers that divide us and instead create opportunities for more people.

We wish her the best and would recommend Bailey to other organisations looking for an intelligent, creative and hard working individual, who's looking to make a difference in the workplace and world.

You can connect directly with Bailey at her LinkedIn Profile.

Download the Social Trends Report authored by Bailey

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