Creativity, Activity and Service - a school student's perspective on sustainability

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School and its pressures often serve as an overwhelming challenge for students to overcome and to face head on.

The classroom setting and one size fits all approach can often feel formulaic for many students wishing to adopt their own methods of learning, explore their interests and cultivate their creativity. Coupling these challenges with the ever increasing workload of the IB DP programme can create a considerable amount of time pressure and strain on students.

circle-croppedMy name is Avikgna and I wanted to share a little about the work we are doing with CAS at our school and how Task is helping with the projects.

The CAS system was introduced as an expressive counterbalance to the strenuous IB programme. Designed under 3 key aspects: Creativity, Activity and Service the framework is utilised to provide students with an incentive to holistically explore their interests and actively work towards the causes they are passionate about.

Students are encouraged to look outside the curriculum and track the progress they make when engaging with the experiences they do.

IMG_7414With collaboration being a big part of CAS, the system encourages students to work together to form a project surrounding issues of global significance.  

The CAS system certainly does not come without challenges and unapologetically demands students to step outside their comfort zone and engage with the community.  

Often finding a balance between classwork and engaging with CAS experiences can be difficult with limited time. 

When the CAS project had been introduced to my team we decided to work together with Task and integrate it into our project in order to enrich the capability, sophistication and reach of the project - Avikgna Linganathan

Originally, the concept of our project followed the lines of raising awareness around the issues of deforestation and climate change. We had planned to collect donations to purchase trees to plant on campus grounds and share our mission and its importance to the school through an assembly.


With the introduction of Task my team and I now plan to expand our CAS project to more than just a one dimensional mission.

As we planned to collect donations that we could use to purchase trees, the idea is to then use Task and its features to more accurately track donations and build a more trusting relationship between the donor and donee.

Utilising Task and its tokens would allow us to show proof of the impact our CAS project had in a more quantifiable manner. Additionally, Task serves as a platform for us to raise awareness around our CAS project and share our impact, progress and intentions to a much wider audience than simply presenting our project within school.

QueensEssay2019-1My team and I have essentially been able to adapt with Task and plan our CAS project in a more multidimensional manner that now allows us to tackle multiple missions and raise the bar for the quality of our CAS project and its reach.

Our team continues to explore the uses and abilities of Task as we continue to plan our project and develop its capability in providing a sizable, quantifiable impact.

We plan to begin undertaking our projects in the near future however with the restrictions following COVID 19 we hope to be able to deliver a sizable impact through our project whilst adhering to the movement control order here in Malaysia.

As soon as we begin tracking the impact our project has made within our community I will be updating our progress on the Task blog for everyone to follow and keep up with.

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