From Drop Goals to Global Goals - What Motivates Impact Creators?

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Nov 26, 2020 7:50:17 PM

This week marks the 17th anniversary of England winning the Rugby World Cup. A game played in Sydney, Australia. A battle between two sporting rivals, and one etched in history.

It was a nail biting contest with the scores tied at 14 all at the 80th minute, taking the game into extra time. With seconds to spare during extra time Jonny Wilkinson kicked a drop goal and England held on to win their first Rugby World Cup, 20 to 17.

Business is often not the quickest in terms of speed of change; in sport if you don’t quickly manoeuvre you will get hurt, you’ll lose and suddenly you’re out of the picture. - Andy Gomarsall MBE, N2S Director & World Cup Winner

If you’re a rugby fan like myself, the memory of that game is a vivid one. Months of preparation that came down to a few seconds and a single kick at goal.


How sports discipline helps business focus

I recently chatted to Andy Gomarsall, who was part of that 2003 world cup winning squad, about life since then and his work in the corporate sector. Andy is now the Director of N2S working on sustainability within the IT channel. He’s passionate about the effect business can have on our environment and with N2S he’s able to put that into measurable action.

In the micro this (2020) is the year of change, but in the macro it’s the next decade, 2020 to 2030. And this is the year that we dramatically need to change - to impact climate change for the positive. - Andy Gomarsall MBE, N2S Director & World Cup Winner

Andy and N2S are focused on increasing the circular economy of IT equipment in two ways; through encouraging resale/re-use and innovating environmentally friendly processes for extracting rare and precious metals from redundant technology.

To find out more information about Andy visit his company website: N2S 

Leveraging technology for social good

It's clear that business sector is vital in improving the environment and ensuring we hit the 2030 targets and there are some great examples of companies doing just that. Salesforce being one, having committed to reaching 100 percent renewable energy by 2022.

Earlier this year I also spoke with Samira Khan, a senior manager from their Global Impact Engagement team. I’ve known Samira for a couple of years having met at a conference in Bangladesh. She’s on a mission to support and maintain social and environmental progress with innovation and technology at the core.

Social enterprises have some of the most game changing, innovative solutions for problems on the ground. I think they truly are the movers and shakers with regards to unlocking the Sustainable Development Goals. - Samira Khan, Global Impact Engagement, Salesforce

Samira liaises with both nonprofits and social enterprises, helping them to achieve their missions. We chatted about the role of nonprofits and how many are pivoting to social enterprise business models with the help of organisations such as Good Returns.

In Samira's view the UN Sustainable Development Goals are vital to both motivating and measuring progress in the business sector.

To connect with Samira and see the impact she's making follow her on Twitter: @samiraakhan

Why Supporting the Goals equals better business 

Another person with a keen eye in the goals is Colin Curtis from Support the Goals, an initiative to rate and recognise the businesses that support the UN Global Goals.


A former Group Head of Sustainability for one of the world’s largest technology companies, Colin spent many years consulting with business leaders to help them understand the importance of balancing people, planet, and profit.

There are countless studies out there that show that the companies that focus on sustainability and build that into the business, produce far better results for their investors than the ones that purely focus on profits. - Colin Curtis, Support the Goals

Colin has taken his knowledge and experience and built a framework for companies to be able to easily execute their sustainability plans and highlight to the world how they are tracking. On the pod, we discussed Colin’s work and how he helps to demystify the UN SGDs -  putting it all into 'simple pub talk'.

You can learn more about Colin and his organisation at his website: Support the Goals

Finding and following your WHY

I also had the pleasure of speaking to Bian Li of The Hungry Lab in September. Bian has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years helping them to establish and grow their startups.

We spoke about the pivots she's been seeing in 2020 in particular the tech innovation taking place in the education sector with so many new remote learning models.

If people are aligned with their unique mission in life - their purpose, their strengths and their calling - it makes for happier and more effective organisations. - Bian Li Founder, The Hungry Lab

One of Bian’s main areas of focus is purpose and understanding your WHY. A philosophy she has at her core when mentoring the startup community. Bian speaks globally on topics such as the Future of Work, the Future of Education, FrontierTech for SDGs and the Transformative Power of Youth.

Check out what Bian's been up to at the following links:

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