The 5 top reasons for your Nonprofit to collect data with Google Sheets

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Feb 15, 2022 9:26:34 AM

Whether in the field attending to site visits or communicating with remote volunteers, capturing data with Google sheets helps nonprofits save time and maximise impact.

Task’s one click integration to Google sheets is a great way to collect remote data and learn more about the progress your field teams are making.

Good data ensures you can make informed decisions on how your organisation is tracking against KPIs. It also helps you to update donors on the impact being created, building trust and securing ongoing funding support.

We’ve now seen a number of use cases for this integration feature.

Here are our top 5!

1. Impact assessment

If you work with community, then access to data is more than likely key. We’ve seen this first hand with a client in the UK, Bill Boorman. Bill used Task to track meal deliveries to homeless communities during the initial Covid outbreak during 2020.

He's been able to plot the number of deliveries made each evening and by automating collection of the data into Google Sheets, Bill has saved valuable time. It's allowed him to forecast the amounts to be delivered more accurately. The data Bill has been collecting is also accessed by social services who are able to better understand and support the homeless communities.

2. Asset and inventory tracking

If you’re running an organization that has off site items to manage, then linking to Task can be a great way to keep track. You've probably already installed some sort or ERP or inventory management system so why not extend that to the field?

For example if you’re in animal rescue or an animal food bank, Task is an ideal way to log rescue by location and store the data in Google sheets. Or maybe you’re providing food relief as outreach and want to keep track of what items were delivered and by who. Collecting data with Google sheets can be an extremely useful way to manage this.

3. Volunteer time sheeting

If you have full or part time volunteers then no doubt there’s an administration overhead when it comes to logging their time. And if they are working remotely, the job of logging and collating timesheets can become even more of a pain.

With Task and Google you can easily allow volunteers to log their own time against specific activities. This will make your operation more efficient and accurate, when it comes to reporting on volunteer time and forecasting future needs.

4. Donor insights

Donors are the back bone of all non profits. Their support ensures your work can be done and so maintaining long term trusted connections, where they continue to pledge support, is vital for success. Donors love to support charities that are transparent and there are ways to achieve this.

Data plays a key role for those supporters who are interested in the impact story - how much each dollar converts to impact. When using Task to collect data with Google sheets you can set up projects to give concise reports with data that can be viewed at any time.

5. Community feedback

Surveys are also high on the list for charities working with communities and those who need to gain insights into those communities as part of their outreach. Using Task with Google is a fast and effective way to gather the information required to make strategic decisions on the community support that's required.

Not only does it provide flexibility with collecting the data, Task also has rewards mechanisms that help to boost engagement with the people you require feedback from. This is just a few ideas but there are many more.

We are now offering a free version of our software that include Google Sheet integration. If you'd like to sign up then get in touch for more information.

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