Jordan Banfield and studies in food insecurity

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Dec 18, 2020 8:21:32 PM

Believe it or not, internships aren’t only about photocopying and learning how to make coffee, there’s a whole lot of value that can be gained and given throughout the process. An internship can help lead to a future dream job and for the business it means young minds and fresh ideas.

In a year that will be remembered for remote working we’ve all had to be extra creative when it comes to running internships. At Task we’ve been fortunate to strike up a partnership with NEXSTEP from Bangkok. They pivoted to a virtual internship model early in the year, which has allowed us to work globally with some superb up and coming talent.

Jordan Banfield joined us in June this year for a 3 months internship. A sustainability and international relations student already holding a certificate in entrepreneurial management, Jordan joined the Task team to further her knowledge in social responsibility, environmental policies, and entrepreneurial innovation.

Jordan's impact during her time at Task!

During her 3 months with Task Jordan helped us to network within the US Food Insecurity sector where we provide technology to help manage Food Bank logistics and fundraising activities.fb-report-cover

She also put together an in depth report on the Food Bank sector exploring the challenges and pressures being seen during the pandemic. This white paper download has been a valuable source of information for many of our customers and other people within the Task ecosystem.

After she finished her education at University of Iowa, Jordan’s career goal is to work within a business where she is actively involved in the activities that improve social and environmental impact.

We wish her the best and would recommend Jordan to organisations looking for an intelligent, aspiring, hard working social entrepreneur.

You can connect directly with Jordan at her LinkedIn Profile.

Download the light paper authored by Jordan

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