Create converting landing pages for your Task Templates

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Aug 18, 2020 9:50:23 PM

We have just launched updates to our Task Templates - that is, an easy way for you to create a project out the box with a click - with new features around landing pages.

Now if you want to share out the work you have created in Task, you can do so with a full landing page with a clear call to action for people to sign up and get using the projects you've designed.

How to create them?

The first place to start is getting basic of creating a template. From there you can develop and create a full landing page, before publishing your template to the Task community. We even support dynamic titles which is great of you are sending potential users from your own links or paid advertising campaigns.

Who is this for?

Whether providing educational materials, measurement against targets such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, providing quick start guides for use cases such as Food Bank Distribution and much more, Task Templates lets you take your thinking and productise it.

What's next?

Create a free account and start playing. Recipes provides you with a great opportunity to scale out your ideas, talk to us if we can be of service?

Would you like to learn more?

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