Connecting and protecting our ecosystems - a conversation with Pei Su of ACTAsia

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Dec 1, 2020 9:33:00 PM

Pei F. Su has an MA in Sociology and is the Founder & Executive Director of ACTAsia which was established in 2006. 

Since 1994 Pei has been dedicated to helping Asian cultures recognise that compassion towards humans and other animals and respect for the environment enriches lives and communities.

She has been active in humane education, animal welfare and charitable organisation management for over 25 years and has spearheaded various campaigns across Asia. She also has in-depth knowledge and experience in strategic planning and international project management in diverse environments.

Pei is regularly invited to present at International conferences, including the 2016, 2017 and 2019 consecutive reports on Caring for Life Education at the University of Oxford, and has published numerous reports and articles on various humane education related studies. 

To date Pei has received numerous awards internationally and within China.

In 2004, Pei was the finalist of the best charity figure of the UK Pearl Award;

In 2007 she was selected by Visible Chinese as one of  the achievers in the UK’s Chinese Culture.

In 2017 Pei received the CEVA International Award to recognise her personal contributions to humane education. 

In 2019 she received the Best Charitable Leadership in Beijing, by Jiemian News of Shanghai Media Group for her contribution to promote sustainable fur-free fashion. She received this award alongside Jack Ma, founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba, who was also awarded a leadership honour.

In 2020 she was awarded by the China Charity Festival for the Best Charity Figure Award for her overall contribution to charitable work in China.



1994年以来,她致力从亚洲文化中, 推动对人、动物与环境 三者的关怀, 进而提升生活水平和社区福祉。她在生命关怀的素质教育,动物福利和慈善组织管理等领域,已有超过25年的专业经验。并在亚洲率先开展了各种项目活动。针对亚洲国家里不同的文化与环境下, 有关慈善组织的战略规划和国际项目管理方面, 她也有深入的知识和经验。




2007 获选为英国Visible Chinese  的英国中国文化杰出成功人士(The achievers in the UK’s Chinese Culture)

2017年荣获英国诗华奖(CEVA Award),并因在动物保护与环境公益教育的推动与特殊贡献受到表彰,也是该奖项首个亚裔获奖者。

2019 榮獲上海报业集团-界面新闻所颁发的中國臻善領袖獎,以表彰她对促进可持续时尚的贡献;并同时与馬雲、徐永光共同獲獎。

2020榮獲2019年度中國公益節公益人物獎, 借以肯定她于国内的教育慈善工作推动贡献与努力。

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