Building a community of blockchain beatmakers - Alejo Mendoza, SKYHITZ

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Oct 10, 2022 6:28:22 PM

On this episode we chat with Alejo Mendoza, Founder and Developer of Skyhitz, a community where people can buy or sell music NFTs on the Stellar Network.

Involved with music at a young age, Alejo has always believed that music is one of the most powerful forces behind human ingenuity. After finishing music studies, he embarked on a journey to travel the world while being a producer of shows in cruise ships, this expanded his thinking on how creating and performing music can enhance people's lives.


In 2013, Alejo traveled to the city of Los Angeles to study and research how to transform music so more people could become creators or experience at least once in their lifetime what it feels to make music. In this process, he met the founders of Splice in Las Vegas, who were just getting started and asked him to join their founding team as an engineer.

The startup became a success for everyone involved and quickly reached more than a million customers worldwide in less than three years. After his success in the startup world, Alejo challenged himself by starting Skyhitz, an organization with a mission to combine the power of decentralized economies with music.

For more information on Alejo and Skyhitz contact him: @alejomendoza

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