Employment in the Web3 world - chatting with Guy Allison

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Feb 27, 2023 10:35:25 AM
Guy Allison is the founder of Blockchain Careers, a recruitment agency focused on the Web3 sector, connecting the blockchain and crypto talents with tech companies globally.
On the pod we chat to Guy about the rise of Web3 and where he sees the industry heading in the coming years. How is it changing the employment landscape and how are brands and marketing teams at those brands embracing the change.
Blockchain Careers was founded by Guy Allison who is originally from a marketing background but decided many years ago to set up his own recruitment company. After re-locating to Koh Phangan Thailand, he found a unique cryptocurrency community there, who asked him to find some roles for them. This is how Blockchain Careers was born.
Blockchain Careers have in the past worked with many established and up-and-coming cryptocurrency ventures. In 2020 we secured our first De-Fi client in Hathor Network based in Brasil. Since then we have gone from strength to strength having on going contracts with blockchain and cryptocurrency projects globally.
You can connect with Guy on LinkedIn.
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