Filmmaking for an era of change - speaking with Mark Downes

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Jul 15, 2021 4:14:26 PM

Mark Downes has worked with the likes of Sir David Attenborough as part of his quest to develop purposeful content that inspires. He is the founder of THE GREEN EYED MONSTER film and animation company brings a wealth of multi-disciplined talent to create finely crafted content. 

Video of any format to match your communication needs, engage audiences and drive positive messages about people and planet. Ethical, Sustainable, Purposeful, call it what you want, they can help. Whether you are beginning your sustainable journey and need to let everyone know, or are well established and want to celebrate it, they have the story tellers who can help bring your mission to life. 


Green Eyed Monster Films was founded by Mark Downes. He has a degree in Political Science,  a Masters in Cultural Studies and another Masters in Film Production.  He has made films with Sir David Attenborough and for UNICEF in Mozambique. He has directed, produced, edited and written films for a plethora of global brands and brings that experience and network to the Green Eyed mission.

Mark is also the technical director of the New Directors Showcase at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. It was in Cannes where he witnessed UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon made a call for agents of change.

We are the first generation that can end global poverty. We are the last generation that can address climate change before it is too late. - Ban Ki Moo

GREEN EYED MONSTER FILMS was born shortly after and draws on a wide network of very talented strategists, directors, producers and technicians who have an incredible understanding of story and storytelling.

Making sustainability an integral part of how we work, and furthering the message of the SDGs is what sets us apart.  

For more about Mark and his work visit: 


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