WOCStar investment for startup success - chatting with Colleen Bataille

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Aug 20, 2020 9:44:30 AM

The WOCstar Fund is an early-stage investment fund focused on tech innovation being brought to market by inclusive teams and women of color (“WOCStars").

On this episode we chat with Colleen Bataille of the WOCstar fund, and the podcast VCs off the record. Colleen is on a mission to build out new businesses that are disrupting and transforming the marketplace.

She is an entrepreneur at heart with in-depth business development, operational, and event management experience from leading her own successful company and most recently serving in a senior management role at startup, 828 Venue Management.

Colleen thrives on business development, sales, project management and working with startups in her current position with the WOCstar Fund.

We chat about working with startups in 2020, the qualities it takes to thrive and we touch on workplace diversity - what the future might look like with all the positive shifts we're seeing today.

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