Donor motivation and Decoding the WHY - chatting with Nate Andorsky

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Feb 26, 2021 1:36:36 PM

Nate is an entrepreneur who blends behavioural science, data, and technology to help socially focused organisations scale their impact.

He believes the key to unlocking the potential of technology lies within our understanding of the psychological factors that drive human decision-making. By combining scientific findings with outside-of-the-box thinking, he helps turn human understanding into business advantages.

As the CEO of Creative Science, he leads a team focused on this mission. He is a frequent international speaker, has been featured in Forbes, INC Magazine, and Huffington Post and his team’s work has earned accolades from Fast Company and

Prior to Creative Science, he was a team member at the Startup America Partnership, a nonprofit led by Steve Case to help build entrepreneurial communities throughout the US. He geeks out about the intersection of human behaviour and the ways in which it can improve human outcomes.

We chat about donor behaviour and what motivates people to give, the technology that can help nonprofits to better understand that process and how story telling is key to building relationships with donors. We also touch on sections of Nate’s book, Decoding the Why.

For more information or to contact Nate directly, you can connect with him at the details below.

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