Work happier - improving employee experience and top down thinking

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Nov 27, 2019 5:22:36 PM

Katherine Tiddy is Founder of The Work Happy Project – an organisation with a simple mission to help people and companies work happier.

This Podcast was originally released by Steve Walker on Steve is Task founder along with co-founder Matt who normally hosts the Task podcast. We decided to release the podcast here as it covered a lot of ground related to employee happiness, and given Task has a key focus around Employee Engagement - it made sense.

We had a great conversation covering lots of ground around happiness and the work place, with topics such as:

  • What led Katherine to identify imbalances in her own working life, her personal journey
  • Why more stuff doesn’t make you happy
  • Understanding your relationship with money, removing the fear that holds you back
  • How stress can manifest and how it affects your personal life
  • The importance of understanding how you can become more happy at work by understanding your own drivers
  • How leaders in organisations need to embrace methodologies to improve employee happiness – its not fluff, its a win-win method to increase performance

Find out more about Katherine on LinkedIn, or follow her on Instagram.

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