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Aug 5, 2021 1:08:32 PM

Thanks for downloading the Task app and joining the community.

How can we help you?

Before you get going I wanted to share more about the business, what we do, and how you or your organisation can make use of the Task platform.

Task is a platform for connecting teams, gathering social and environmental data, and reporting on the impact that’s being created. We use the Stellar blockchain for tracking activities and creating economic models, where people are rewarded based on measurable outcomes.

We work with a number of organisations:

Charities and Nonprofits

We help Nonprofits to improve program transparency so they can maintain regular givers and increase major gifts.Oxfam-Asia-Rohingya-Humanitarian-Work-Bangladesh-3
Many nonprofit organisations have remote teams managing programs and are challenged with reporting to donors on how funds are being used. Task makes it easy to gather business critical data, automate marketing and provide real time updates on performance.

  • Easily gather impact data from teams in the field
  • Track, measure and report on program performance
  • Points and rewards to incentive and motivate volunteer teams
  • Integration into third party systems such as Blackbaud

If you work for a Charity or Nonprofit and would like to speak to one of our team, we'd be happy to help.Book a Call

Or read more on how we help Nonprofits

Sustainability and CSR

We help Leaders in Sustainability and CSR to engage the workforce in their mission and report on organisational progress, saving valuable time and building credibility with the executive team.Untitled design-Apr-13-2021-12-37-02-15-AM
Sustainability and CSR Managers have plans but executing on them and ensuring the entire workforce understands the plan can be a major challenge. Task makes it easy to engage employees in activities that support the mission, whilst consolidating impact data so you can report on progress in realtime.

  • Easily track employee CSR/Sustainability contributions via mobile
  • Gather impact data from existing systems
  • Dashboard reporting to show progress against the UN SDGs
  • Employee points systems to bolster engagement
If you are focused on Sustainability or CSR and would like to speak to one of our team, we'd be happy to help.

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Or read how we help CSR and Sustainability Professionals

Carbon Offset Missions

We help Carbon Offset Missions to manage their supply chains so they can track ecological assets and scale their social enterprise more efficiently.599728a08fa073fde772e1bbfe677eb5
Smart agriculture and carbon offsetting is a fast growing sector with many challenges that need solving. Using Stellar blockchain technology Task is able to implement financial services that can manage production, certification and the sale of carbon offsets. Our experienced team is able to design and role out bespoke systems to help support your operation.

  • Flexible technology to track and report on ecological practices
  • Blockchain and smart contracting to meet certification standards
  • In app wallet for simple financial management
  • Publish details of your impact to a buyers market
If you are involved in Smart Agriculture and would like to speak to one of our team, we'd be happy to help.

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Or read more about how we help Carbon Offset Missions

Blockchain and Crypto

We offer a number of blockchain and cryptocurrency products and services to ensure the longterm success of your business or social enterprise.


At Task we use Stellar blockchain in a number of ways both for businesses and in the social sector, where we seeing huge benefits for nonprofit organisations. Whether you're just starting out, learning about ledgers and blockchain economics, or more experienced in the space, there are a number of ways we can assist. 

  • Audit trails and impact evidence to boost donor confidence
  • Crypto donation options for existing and new donors 
  • Digital wallets and payment services at extremely low transaction rates
  • Creating assets to help monetise your impact activities

If you are interested in blockchain or crypto and would like to speak to one of our team, we'd love to chat.
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Thanks again for joining the community. If you’d like to speak to me or get an in depth demo of the platform then please get in touch below.

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