Persona series - Task for nonprofits

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Aug 5, 2021 1:06:48 PM

At Task we work with a number of different organisations with social missions. Let's dig a little deeper into how we help charities and nonprofits.

What you’ll learn in this blog update:

How we help nonprofits

Today’s donors have higher expectations. They want more detail on where and how their money is being used and to feel closer to the action. The donor attitude today is more business savvy, acting like investors in a for profit business, demanding greater accountability, and expecting to understand more about the impact you’re creating.

So how can your charity or nonprofit stay ahead of the game and make sure one time donors are converted to regular givers, whilst donor retention is consistently being reduced?

Transparency is a key differentiator - being able to show donors how funds are used and what's being achieved. It can help to strengthen relationships, attract new donors and help you to overachieve on fundraising targets.

Taking a look at our capabilities

Task provides the building blocks that ensure your nonprofit can maximise productivity whilst increasing fundraising. We help you connect teams, gather data and report on the social and environmental impact created.

Let's take a look at our core capabilities:

Team engagement

Task helps you bring your teams closer together, increase engagement and maximise productivity with feature sets that include user profiles & leaderboards, reward systems, activity reporting, and program centric community chat. csr2Learn more

Remote data collection

Capture remote activity data with geo location, images, videos and much more. Then send that data into your favourite reporting tools for realtime insight into impact created, with out the box timelines and social share - build a data story around your work and the impact being created.
Learn more

Blockchain and crypto currencies

Blockchain is a great way to accelerate the impact of your social mission without needing any technical know how. With Task you have access to a whole bunch of fintech features such as smart contracting, low-cost global payment services, token economics, and a digital wallet.blockchain2
Learn more

Reporting and analytics

Step away from spreadsheets and consolidate all your impact data with social & environmental impact dashboards that allow you to share insights with donors and inspire confidence in your decision making. report
Learn more

A real life use case


If you'd like to understand more about how we work with nonprofits then check out this customer success story.

ACTAsia are using Task to connect with their remote teams, gather mission critical data, and show donors how funds are being used via their impact dashboard.

For the full story: CLICK HERE

Do you have remote teams you need to connect with? Do you want access to new data that can help you report to donors and increase your fundraising? 

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