3 Ways to Increase Fan Engagement in Sports Campaigns with NFTs

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May 2, 2023 3:53:36 PM

Sports marketing campaigns have long relied on social media ideas like contests, integrated marketing ideas like in-stadium engagement connected to social media sharing, and mobile games and AR filters to engage fans and drive brand exposure. However, in a world of NFTs, we now have a new avenue for sports teams and brands to connect with fans in more exclusive and rewarding ways. In fact, NFTs can significantly improve sports social media marketing campaigns by providing fans with unique digital experiences, enhancing in-stadium engagement, and creating a sense of ownership and pride among fans. Here’s how.

Social media contests

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Social media contests are frequently a central component in a digital campaign.

How we used to do it

Social media contests are a popular way to increase fan engagement in sports marketing campaigns. Traditionally, these contests involve running various tasks on social media platforms, such as Twitter or Instagram, to get fans excited about winning prizes like game tickets or behind-the-scenes tours.

How NFTs make this better

However, using NFTs for social media contests can make the experience even better. NFTs can provide a method to disseminate prizes like tickets and other exclusive experiences digitally, which can be recorded on the blockchain. Fans can own the NFT as proof of their experience, such as a digital autograph or a virtual photo with their favourite athlete. Moreover, the use of NFTs removes the geographical limitations of traditional in-person experiences, allowing fans across the world to participate and feel involved.
This creates a sense of rarity and exclusivity among fans who have participated, while also inculcating a sense of determination in fans who didn’t win to try again the next time they have a chance.

Additionally, the use of NFTs can help create a sense of community among fans who have participated in the contests, providing a way for them to connect and share their experiences. All in all, NFTs can significantly enhance the experience of social media contests, driving higher levels of fan engagement and excitement.

In-stadium engagement

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Showing off their love for their team is an integral part of the experience for a fan.

How we used to do it

In-stadium engagement is a critical aspect of integrated digital and traditional sports marketing campaigns. Traditional methods of encouraging fan participation, such as photo booths and social sharing, help increase engagement online. Fans upload images or videos of their experience to social media, increasing the reach and exposure of the team or brand.

How NFTs make this better

However, NFTs can significantly enhance the in-stadium engagement experience for fans. Instead of traditional print-outs or images that may be forgotten or lost, NFTs can be created to memorialise in-stadium activities, providing fans with something exclusive and truly special. These NFTs can serve as proof of attendance and participation, allowing fans to feel like they’ve won something impossible to replicate by merely being present and taking part.
Moreover, loyalty programs can use NFTs to reward fans for participating in in-stadium experiences. Additional points can be given to fans for participating, and they can unlock new NFTs with secret limited edition or unreleased merchandise. This can help create a sense of exclusivity and rarity among fans who have participated, further driving engagement and excitement. All in all, NFTs can significantly enhance the in-stadium engagement experience, making it more memorable and rewarding for fans while also driving brand exposure and reach.

Mobile Games and AR filters

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Filters and mobile games give fans an opportunity to compete between themselves to bring alive their love for a sport.

How we used to do it

Mobile games and AR filters are popular ways to engage fans in sports marketing campaigns. For example, filters that let people proudly show off jerseys or team marks on their skin or mobile trivia games to judge yourself a ‘bigger’ fan than another. However, these are publicly available and may not provide a sense of exclusivity or ownership among fans.

How NFTs make this better

Using NFTs can enhance the mobile gaming and AR filter experience for fans. Games and filters can be locked to special fans who have earned their NFTs, demonstrating that they are qualified to access exclusive content. NFTs can then be used to offer unique rewards for completing milestones or challenges, such as redeeming them for merchandise or the ability to chat with their favourite players.

This approach can create a sense of ownership and pride among fans who have earned these rewards, making them feel like they have something exclusive and unique. It can also incentivise fans to engage more deeply with the brand and team, driving higher levels of engagement and loyalty. It can significantly enhance the mobile gaming and AR filter experience, making it more rewarding and exclusive for fans.

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