Must-Have Checklist for Brand Marketing with Digital Collectibles

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Jun 15, 2023 7:01:37 PM

We’ll be the first to admit that we want you to invest in using digital collectibles in your marketing campaigns. Taking this step can revitalise your relationship with your customers, creating new opportunities for your company and deeper relationships with those who buy from you. However, much like every tool in your arsenal, you need to know how to wield even this correctly: and that means running through a handy check-list beforehand to figure out if using digital collectibles is what you and your brand need.

So, read on as we put together exactly what you need to think about before diving into the world of web3 marketing! You’ll notice some familiar steps that even traditional marketing manuals will warn you about along with a few new ones. 

What are your goals?

Canva Design DAFlzAR3_ycClarify objectives first and consider seeking out expert guidance, if needed.

Before embarking on marketing using digital collectibles, it’s crucial to establish clear objectives that align with your brand strategy. Don’t get caught up in the desire to just jump on board something new online, but instead determine if using web3 can give you the results your brand needs. For example, if you want to increase your brand’s top-of-mind awareness, then can digital collectibles really help with that?

It’s okay if you’re confused! With any new technology or product, there’s a learning curve; and web3 is no different. You can learn about the basics first, before answering this question, or even just reach out to chat with experts who can guide you.

Remember: Using digital collectibles will only be effective if you’re clear about objectives and expected results.

Have you considered your target audience?

Canva Design DAFlzCCL52cResearch your target audience and tailor digital collectibles for enhanced receptiveness.

Do you have a core target audience for your brand or the campaign you wish to run? Conduct thorough research to understand this audience's interests, preferences, and digital behaviour. If you run a Shopify store, then leverage the information you already have and examine the pattern of behaviour this audience has exhibited when on your website and buying your product. Determine whether your audience is already engaged with digital collectibles, requires education on the topic or is averse to it entirely. After all, you don’t want to use something that will alienate you from your core audience!

Remember: If you tailor your use of digital collectibles to the target audience, it enhances their receptiveness to the campaign and therefore, the brand.

What are the different ways you can use digital collectibles?

Canva Design DAFlzPJqvMcBrands like the NBA have used video highlight reels as digital collectibles to increase fan engagement.

Globally, many brands—small and large—have started using NFTs and digital collectibles to garner attention, brand love, customer loyalty, or sales. Do some research and find out all the different ways brands have used digital collectibles, to really understand the range of options you can avail of to meet your campaign goal.

For example, like the NBA, you could just drop digital collectibles that are video highlights. But if you’re actually selling movie memorabilia, then it might make more sense to use collectibles to provide fans with access to exclusive and limited-edition lines of memorabilia. Or, if you run a fashion brand, then use web3 to provide access to virtual experiences or physical events like runway shows.

Remember: think beyond the term ‘NFT’ and strategise about what you need to do with digital collectibles that aligns with your brand identity and services.

Have you included marketing the collectibles themselves in your plan?

Canva Design DAFlzOyJZQMImplement a comprehensive marketing strategy to get the most out of your digital collectibles.

There’s no point in including digital collectibles if nobody knows about them! Much like having AR filters on Instagram or creating micro-sites and long-format content on YouTube as content marketing, you cannot simply have an asset but need to sweat it. This means your marketing plan needs to extend to include talking about the new collectibles/the way you’ve incorporated them.

So, for example: if you’ve upgraded your customer rewards program using web3, then it’s not enough to just leave it there. You need to send out emailers and messages to existing customers in the rewards programme, and use collateral like in-store notifications to entice new registrations. If the reward tiers now include collectibles that provide exclusive access, information or products, then let people know!

Remember: NFTs alone do not guarantee success; a well-rounded marketing strategy is what you need.

Have you thought about the user experience?

Canva Design DAFlzOevU1QEnsure a user-friendly journey for your audience, which means simplifying access to digital collectibles.

You might not be the only one learning about web3! The world of digital collectibles, wallets and cryptocurrency is new for everyone: which means it’s easy for your users to get confused through the journey you’ve outlined with new digital collectibles.

You need to make sure that you’ve plotted the journey out clearly, and are providing a seamless experience in a way that is easy-to-understand for even those with no expertise with technology. There is no use to the digital collectibles if customers cannot access them. If you’re not sure about how this can happen, or feel like there are too many steps to ask customers to take, then you can avail of services like The Blue Marble. That way, you can send digital collectibles to anyone using just an email address, with no technical skills required by you or your recipients.

Remember: always keep your customer in focus and think about what will enhance their satisfaction.

Our Conclusion?

It’s exciting to embark on a journey with new technology to offer yourself, your brand and your customers an enriched experience. As the digital marketing landscape evolves, however, it’s incredibly easy to jump on a bandwagon without the right preparation. This will only result in low-performing campaigns, and in turn, unhappy brands and customers. It is, therefore, crucial to approach your web3 marketing dreams with a well-defined checklist to maximise success.

At The Blue Marble, we understand the transformative potential of digital collectibles in elevating your brand and engaging with your audience in unique ways. From helping you prepare, to tailoring strategy, to executing the perfect web3 campaign, we’ve got your back! All you need to do?

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