Three Ways for Shopify Businesses To Retain Customer Loyalty

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May 29, 2023 5:01:01 PM

Building customer loyalty is crucial for any business. If you use Shopify, then you’re no exception! In this blog post, we’re exploring 3 strategies that you can implement to grab and foster long-term customer loyalty… and how using NFTs can further improve them. Because they're so much more than simple tokens. 

Personalised Shopping Experiences

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Adding an extra layer of personalisation can encourage consumers to return for future purchases too.

One of the most effective ways to gain and retain customer loyalty is by offering a personalised experience. With online shopping, this is possible by leveraging past customer data to provide tailored recommendations, promotions and fine-tuning communication to tap into individual behaviour.

By doing this, you can use Shopify to create a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience, fostering a strong bond with your customers by showing them the attention you pay.

How NFTs can improve this

NFTs can add an extra layer of personalisation to the shopping experience on Shopify. By associating unique NFTs with customer profiles, you can offer exclusive content, limited edition products, or access to special events based on individual preferences and purchase history. So, for example, if you sell makeup and clothing but have a set of customers who regularly buy only make-up, you can reward them with specific NFTs that unlock curated collections or even invitations to launch events for new lines and palettes.

Customer Support

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It's important to complete the shopping experience with proactive and helpful customer support.

Customer support plays a vital role in building trust and loyalty for all businesses. However, when your model is that of business-to-consumer, you need to prioritise exceptional customer service through various channels, from traditional phone support to live chat, email, and so on. Being prompt and helpful, having pre-existing knowledge bases like FAQs and videos for quick issue resolution, and proactive communication can go a long way in making customers feel valued. Not only this, it also helps build trust in your business, because customers realise you’re not out to only make a profit.

How NFTs can improve this

Customer support doesn’t necessarily have to be troubleshooting from the business alone. Just look at forums online, and even companies like Google and One Plus encourage users to leave advice and responses to queries people leave about their issues with tech. NFTs can be used to reward customers who actively engage in these community forums, providing valuable feedback and help for fellow users to troubleshoot issues. Then, these NFT-based rewards can be treated as markers of users who should have access to priority support, exclusive access to new features and direct communication channels with customer support teams. This way, you’re enhancing the customer experience for the entire community.

Loyalty Programs and Rewards

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Rewards programs have long-since been the cornerstone of retaining customers, but how can we upgrade them?

Implementing a well-designed loyalty program can incentivise customers to choose your business repeatedly. By offering exclusive benefits, rewards, and discounts based on customer purchases and engagement, you can create a sense of exclusivity and appreciation. Whether it's earning points for future purchases, exclusive access to new features, or personalised offers, loyalty programs can enhance customer satisfaction and encourage long-term loyalty.

How NFTs can improve this

NFTs can fundamentally revolutionise loyalty programs and rewards. By nature, they’re perfect to provide a unique benefit for people, since they’re non-fungible. This means using NFTs to represent tiers of loyalty or offering them as rewards for increased patronage, which unlocks special discounts, early access to sales, or access to private events. From music to sports, hospitality to fashion, there are many ways loyalty programs can be upgraded to become enriching for your customers, keeping them interested in coming back for more.

Our Conclusion?

By implementing these 3 proven strategies, you can use Shopify and NFTs to enhance customer loyalty and foster a thriving community of dedicated brand advocates. By investing in customer loyalty, you’re ensuring long-term success and sustainable growth in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, which is often dependent on changes in marketing platform algorithms and money spent on advertising. With The Blue Marble, you can figure out how to take strategies like this and tailor them to you and your business, making sure you’re giving your consumers the best experience possible to ensure they keep coming back. So, what are you waiting for?

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