A new model for connecting consumers and producers - speaking with Scott Fry

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May 24, 2021 1:09:17 PM

Scott Fry is the founder of Loving Earth, an ethically driven company that believes Food is Sacred. On this podcast I chat with Scott about his work with Loving Earth and the indigenous people of Peru.

Loving Earth is best known for its organic chocolate products and the story began in 2007 when Scott, along with cofounder Martha Butler, returned to Melbourne from Mexico, bringing with them the ingredients to create their very first chocolate bars.

Untitled design-6-3Loving Earth was founded with the mission to create the highest quality, whole food raw chocolate bars based on ingredients from around the globe that honour both the Indigenous communities who cultivate them and the earth and ecosystems in which they are grown.

Scott’s personal mission is to support disenfranchised farming communities around the world by bringing a brand to market created from local commodities like cacao and commercialising these commodities in a way that allows indigenous people to continue their ancient, sustainable farming practices.

Loving Earth is an ethically driven company who believes we can make healthy indulgences in a way that is good for the planet. I’ve worked hard at how we can solve the supply chain and farming problems surrounding the cacao industry over the past years.

- Scott Fry, Founder of Loving Earth

Task is working on an initiative with Loving Earth that will bring consumers closer to producers - customers will be able to scan a QR code on their Loving Earth chocolate bar, launching a web page/app that connects them directly with the Ashaninka communities who produce the raw cacao.

Using a combination of Task and Stellar, Loving Earth customers will be able to pledge support as well as taking part in a regenerative program by donating saplings to be planted. A process that supports the community, the environment and brings Loving Earth consumers closer to the cacao producers.Untitled design-9About Loving Earth:

Loving Earth is dedicated to sourcing and manufacturing the highest quality organic, fairly-traded and wild-crafted functional foods and raw chocolate. The three central principles of Loving Earth’s mission are to create products that always are Healthy, Sustainable, and Fair. You can find Loving Earth products on their online shop at lovingearth.com and in select retailers in the US, Europe and Australia.

For more information about Loving Earth, please visit: https://lovingearth.com/

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