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Written by Matthew Rickard
on September 17, 2020

Project Rangeet, is a mobile app delivered structured curriculum based on Task, that empowers primary school teachers, parents or even high school students seeking to fulfil a social service requirement, to impart knowledge around social, emotional and sustainability related learning.


The organization was founded around a set of simple questions:

  • Are we raising strong kids who are anti fragile, confident, empathetic - who care about people and planet more than pocket and themselves? 
  • In this rapidly changing world, what’s really important is empathy toward one’s self, all human beings and all life on earth - do our education systems achieve these goals?


Keeping an eye on scale when looking for the right tech platform

When the Rangeet team started looking for the best solution to engage the teaching community, their primary objective was the ability to monitor, identify and measure impact at scale so as to increase the surface area of the platform. Being an education provider that naturally meant they started looking at Learning Management Systems (LMS). 

“LMS systems are easy to come by, but what was really needed was the ability to collect data and measure impact. What was important was to satisfy all the actors in the education ecosphere - children, teachers, administrators and donors. Flexibility in the design process was also important so we could design our own programs” explains Simran Mulchandani.


“We really needed technology that would allow teachers to access the lesson content but also allow us to confirm that they had delivered the lessons, while capturing real time feedback from the children to enable content tweaks, and impact measurement.”


Using Task to deliver lessons and measure the results

Rangeet chose Task as it gave them the flexibility and scale required to distribute lesson content to the teachers, as well as allowing teachers to record when lessons were completed - sending the data back to the Rangeet team head office in Mumbai, as well as to admin teams at our partners.

“Teachers can take pictures of the class and upload them. That helps us to verify that the lesson has taken place (with GPRS and date / time stamps) and in some instances we share the content online so our supporters can see the work we are doing” explains Karishma Menon.


Project Rangeet currently works with schools in India and Bangladesh - working with the UN, USAID, BRAC, Governments and inspiring NGOs and trusts such as Aangan Trust and CRY- impacting the lives of over 5,000 children and along the way the UN has recognised us as a leader in fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals.

Project Rangeet has recently signed a partnership agreement with the GLOBAL SHAPERS COMMUNITY MUMBAI HUB, the Mumbai Chapter of the Global Shapers Community, an independent but non-registered initiative of the World Economic Forum. Project Rangeet and Global Shapers hope to promote Project Rangeet to Global Shapers hubs around the world.

“I had a lot of fun doing Rangeet class. A lot has changed between me and my friends, If this change were to spread amongst all the people, then our society would be much better.” Student - Charkoilash Govt Primary School, Hatiya, Noakhali, Banglade

Fuelling the process with Super Powers

As more teachers came onto the platform, Rangeet made the decision to introduce a points and rewards system - taking advantage of Task’s wallet redeem capability.

They introduced the Super Power Token (SPWR) with teachers earning tokens for each lesson they deliver. The tokens help to bolster engagement with leaderboards introducing a healthy competitive angle to the teaching / learning experience. Teachers have the option of exchanging their SPWRs for monthly talk time with Grameen Phone or goods from EKshop.

What lies ahead?

Project Rangeet’s vision is to be a recognised brand in social, emotional and sustainability learning. They plan to scale globally with a model where teachers, trainers, coaches and other educators can make use of the content to help more children learn universal human value systems.

Task is helping to underpin their strategy by providing technology that ensures they can create a network of thousands of teachers globally who are delivering the lessons, and report back on the impact being created.

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