The importance of student wellbeing - speaking with Beth Kerr

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Jan 27, 2021 1:42:34 PM

Beth Kerr is Group Wellbeing Director at Cognita, the global schools’ group, and an experienced media commentator on young people’s wellbeing.

Beth is responsible for ensuring that Cognita’s approach to wellbeing is proactive and empowering for all members of its community.

Beth believes passionately that wellbeing is the foundation of learning and that an authentic commitment to it leads to academic achievement and character development for children and young people, as well as giving them a global perspective.

She is an experienced teacher and educational leader specialising in pastoral care and wellbeing, has taught in the state and independent sector and is also a Team Inspector at the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

Beth finished her MSc from UCL in Child and Adolescent Mental Health in 2018, and is passionate about the role of educators in improving the wellbeing of young people today. She has a special interest in ensuring that children and young people are the masters of their technology, rather than its servant!

For the references and resources that Beth mentioned please clink the links below:

Common Sense Media

Child Mind Institute Plus

Congita's Be Well section on their website: 

Beth's Instagram: @bkerrwellbeing



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